Reports Prepared for ECCC

Science Synthesis

Building on the 2013 Science and Monitoring Synthesis for South-Eastern Georgian Bay prepared for Environment Canada by Charlton and Mayne, this report presents a synthesis of science and monitoring program activities and results for the south-eastern Georgian Bay aquatic environment.

The report also incorporates research and monitoring results summarized in Duggan and Chambers’ (2017) Synthesis of Science in South-Eastern Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Valley Watershed Conducted Under the Lake Simcoe South-Eastern Georgian Bay Clean Up Fund 2012-2017.

The purpose of the report is not only to synthesize research and monitoring activities and results, but also to identify information gaps and priority areas for future focused science and monitoring for the southern and eastern regions of Georgian Bay.

For more information on Clean Up Fund projects, please explore the Research and Monitoring Database. Here you can find project profiles and reports, including information about monitoring locations, parameters, frequency and data availability.

Report on Conditions in Georgian Bay

The 2017-2021 Lake Huron Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP) identifies five priority threats to the waters of Lake Huron: chemical contaminants, nutrients and bacterial pollution, loss of habitat and species, invasive species, and climate change impacts. This report provides a summary of conditions in Georgian Bay in relation to each of these five themes. Where information specific to Georgian Bay is not available, conditions in Lake Huron more broadly are discussed.

Research and Monitoring Database

State of the Bay is about communicating and facilitating scientific research and monitoring along our coast, which involves sharing resources with partners. Below is a list of available resources by project.

Do you have data or reports you want to share? Please get in touch!

Water Quality Characterization – Byng Inlet

Project keywords: Nutrients, Water Quality

Assessing the Critical Role of Ferrous Iron in Cyanobacteria Bloom Formation

Project keywords: Algae, Nutrients, Water Quality

Hydrodynamic and P mass balance modelling: Honey Harbour & Nottawasaga River Plume

Project keywords: Modelling, Nutrients, Water Quality

Nutrients in groundwater in the Nottawasaga River Watershed

Project keywords: Groundwater, Nutrients, Septics, Water Quality

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