Bass Nest Creation Project

In 2006 and 2007, EGBSC conducted a Smallmouth Bass Nest Creation project. The project was actually started in 2005, under the former council name of North Channel Eastern Georgian Bay Fisheries Stewardship Council. The purposes of the project were to:

  • Encourage and actively engage waterfront property owners to construct bass nests to increase bass productivity where spawning habitat may be limited
  • Inspire a fisheries stewardship ethic and create greater awareness and community participation in fisheries stewardship

Cottage Association members were the key partners in the project. Bags of pea gravel were distributed to interested participants at no cost. Participants were responsible for creating bass nests with the pea gravel and completing a questionnaire to help evaluate project success. In 2006, 280 bags of pea gravel were distributed to 11 cottage associations. Of the Cottage Associations, four were from inland lakes and seven were located on Georgian Bay. Most participants took one and a half bags and created two bass nests. Based on response, EGBSC estimated that approximately 370 bass nests were created in 2006, and an additional 80 nests were created in 2007. A small number of bags were distributed in 2008 (18) as the project drew to a close. It was difficult to evaluate the success of the spawning nests, as only a low number of participants reported on nest success. In 2007, only 11 of 44 participants responded, and percentages for nest usage could only be based on those responses.

YearNumber of BagsNumber of Estimated ParticipantsEstimated Number of Nests ConstructedEstimated Number of Nests Used

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