State of the Bay 2023

Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that the next State of the Bay report will be released in 2023!

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The first State of the Bay ecosystem health report was released in 2013 with the goal of summarizing available research about water, wetlands, fisheries, and habitats in this unique landscape, and sharing it with people who care about Georgian Bay. In 2018, the second report was published with new information on climate change, landscape biodiversity, and a recognition of the work of conservation groups and Indigenous communities. The 2023 report will build on past reports by incorporating Indigenous knowledges to compliment scientific analyses and deepen our collective understanding of environmental change.

Two-Eyed Seeing: A New Approach for 2023

A process has begun to take a new approach to State of the Bay, one that weaves Indigenous knowledge/science and western knowledge together and incorporates Anishinaabek worldviews, values, language, and culture. We are at the very beginning of this long-term process and acknowledge that this work will continue well beyond the publishing of the next report. As a starting point, we are focusing on the State of the Bay magazine and seeking guidance on how to begin bringing in Indigenous perspectives and stories. GBB is working with its Cultural Advisory Circle and the Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth for guidance with this new approach.

Miigwech! Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Thank you to our partners, sponsors, and many individual donors for your support and investment in a healthy Georgian Bay!